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EOG allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency without limits.

At EOG, buying and selling cryptocurrency is a direct product of the raw supply and demand, and your negotiation skills. Nothing else can or will influence the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency bought and sold with EOG. Our members directly and privately negotiate with any party in the entire EOG market ecosystem. We ensure you have transparency and control over your negotiations to get to the price that you want and not the price that is simply given to you by an Exchange or by another Broker. We offer our members three core off-exchange OTC cryptocurrency markets:

EOG Sandbox OTC. Provides a safe and risk-free environment to practice sending offers and counteroffers to Admin Projects managed by EOG without financial or legal outcomes. New members signing up with EOG are automatically added to the Sandbox OTC workspace, while our compliance and legal teams complete your Know Your Client (KYC) onboarding.

Negotiated Buy-Sell OTC. Buy and sell cryptocurrency with CAD, USD, EUR, and GBP the four fiat currencies we support. This is our primary OTC market created for anyone and everyone looking to buy or sell a cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. There are no minimums and no limits. This means you can buy or sell 0.1 Bitcoin or 1,000 Bitcoin as much as you require. Open to all registered EOG members.

Accredited Investors OTC. Buy and sell cryptocurrency with CAD, USD, EUR, and GBP with NO UPPER LIMIT. This market environment is restricted; open to all registered EOG members that are Accredited Investors (US/CA/EU), or members having pre-approved fiat funds and cryptocurrency holdings. If you are looking to buy and sell cryptocurrency over $100,000 USD in total contract value, we recommend that you list with EOG in the Accredited Investors OTC market workspace rather than the Negotiated Buy-Sell.


Sign Up for a FREE account with no commitments! Using your smartphone, enter your name, email, and a password to access our EOG Sandbox OTC workspace in the next 30 seconds. Our sandbox workspace provides a safe and risk free environment to try out our software while the EOG compliance team completes your KYC (know your client) onboarding. EOG applications are MOBILE-FIRST, we do not optimize for tablet or desktop.

We support USD/CAD/GBP/EUR fiat currency, all cryptocurrencies, fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto off-exchange contracts, with NO MINIMUMS and NO UPPER LIMITS. Visit the EOG negotiation software web application directly at https://www.eogotc.app and create your FREE account.


Six Simple Steps.
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Sign up FREE with your full name, email, password. It’s that easy! Once signed up, you have access to the EOG Sandbox OTC workspace while we complete your onboarding. Our Sandbox OTC workspace is a safe and risk-free environment to try out our negotiation software. While logged in to our sandbox environment send unlimited offers and counteroffers to three Projects managed by EOG Administrators, to practice negotiations without any legal or financial outcomes.

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Fast-track onboarding with EOG. We will need to verify your identity and understand the source of your fiat funds and or crypto holdings. Our fast-track onboarding process requires new members to provide us with a scan or picture of a government-issued photo ID. You will also complete an industry-standard Know Your Client (KYC) ,questionnaire. Successfully completing onboarding you become an Executive Member with EOG, having full access to the Negotiated Buy-Sell OTC listings. If you qualify as an accredited investor, in addition to Negotiated Buy-Sell OTC, you will have access to the Accredited Investors OTC workspace.

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Create your Buy-Sell Projects with EOG. Build a new Project to buy or to sell cryptocurrency, where EOG members just like you, are looking to buy or sell Bitcoin, or Ethereum. Let the EOG network know what you are buying or selling by creating a new Project. Your Project becomes an open offer to our entire market ecosystem and can be viewed by all EOG members. Our main catalogue listing is called Open Offers. Accessible from your mobile phone, Open Offers listings to buy and to sell cryptocurrency are open for negotiations by sending a proposal to the other party. An Open Offer can also be accepted as is without negotiating any of the deal terms, to immediately enter into contract with the other party.

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Negotiate your Contracts. Using your mobile smartphone, negotiate with the entire EOG members network using private negotiations method and software patented by EOG. Negotiate the terms of your deal and lock in your contract. Send and receive an unlimited number of offers and counteroffers until you eventually enter into a contract with another EOG member. Once an agreement is created, it is a legal and binding document for both counterparties parties to purchase and to sell cryptocurrency.

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Due Diligence. Once you have created a contract through the EOG negotiation software, both parties will be contacted by the EOG legal team to begin settlement. First phase of settlement is due diligence. At this time the counterparties are put in direct communication with each other and obtain mutual comfort over existence and completeness of fiat funds and cryptocurrency holdings. Due diligence is a mandatory step in the EOG process, ensuring each party is ready to transfer fiat funds and crypto holdings.

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Day of Settlement. After completing due diligence, the Settlement Agreement is signed by the counterparties and specifies the date, time, and schedule of settlement to transfer and receive consideration as per the terms and conditions of their contract. Ensuring cryptocurrency transfers are complete, we use Ledger.com wallets to track crypto transactions in real-time. Bank wire transfers are confirmed by the sending and receiving bank accounts. On the day of settlement, at the time specified in the Settlement Agreement, both parties transfer the fiat consideration and cryptocurrency. Upon execution of the Settlement Agreement, the contract is deemed complete for both parties.