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EOG empowers you to Buy and Sell cryptocurrency without limits.

At Executive OTC Group (EOG), our proprietary off-exchange platform, allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency without limits. Optimized as a mobile-first platform, our software is best viewed on your smartphone using Google Chrome as the browser.

Unlike traditional Bitcoin Exchanges and Crypto trade desks, EOG’s software allows you to negotiate simultaneously with an infinite number of parties, bilaterally, within the EOG network. This allows buyer and seller to get the price they want and not the price which is simply provided by an Exchange or a Broker.

EOG’s negotiation software is powered by our proprietary EOG SMART-CORE, built and developed using programming algorithms, digital robotics, automation, and embedded machine learning.

Behind the scenes of our brilliant mobile-first user interface, EOG SMART-CORE facilitates your negotiations and eliminates over-commitment risks, placing you in the driver’s seat of a jet-fueled race car with unlimited potential.

EOG is a powerful tool in YOUR financial arsenal and a new tool of the titans.


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EOG negotiations software is optimized mobile first, for your mobile phone and smartphone. We recommend that you always access EOG negotiations software through your smartphone rather than a desktop computer, using Google Chrome mobile browser.

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We have created a simple and powerful dashboard giving you all the information you need to manage and keep track of your negotiations. Once logged in to EOG you are automatically directed to “My Dashboard” page which is your main screen to view all listings, create new projects, view received offers and sent proposals, contracts, and history.

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Cryptocurrency OTC listings are simply called Projects. To create a new listing with EOG, select the web page directory My Dashboard > Create New Project and complete the self-guiding form for a BUYING or SELLING Project. Your new Project is reflected in the OTC listings as an open offer or an open deal to the entire EOG market ecosystem to buy or to sell cryptocurrency.

Deal terms embedded in your Project comprise of: Project type (buying or selling), digital asset (BTC, ETH, XRP, etc), quantity of digital asset, settlement currency (USD, CAD, EUR), bank wire transfer (e.g. restricted to Canada and US), price per one (1) unit, and terms and conditions. Once listed as a Public Project, EOG members can accept your deal terms as they are (Accept Terms menu function), or negotiate with you by changing at least one term of the deal (Send Proposal menu function). Edit your Project at any time by selecting web page directory My Dashboard > My Projects > “your Project”.

All new Projects are created as Private Projects, meaning no one else can see your Project in the EOG market ecosystem until you designate it as Public. We discuss the use of Private Projects as a CORE feature on this page. To move your Project from Private to Public, open your Project through web page directory My Dashboard > My Projects > “your Project” and click the toggle switch at the bottom of the Project page. Your Project is now Public and is visible to the entire EOG ecosystem as an open offer to buy or to sell cryptocurrency.

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All digital assets and cryptocurrency listings are viewable by EOG members by selecting web page directory My Dashboard > View Open Offers. Projects listed as Private are not included in the open offers listings. All SELLING Projects are from EOG members selling Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. All BUYING Projects are from EOG members buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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The cream of the crop and CORE feature of the EOG software is the” Open New Negotiations” function. To negotiate your next cryptocurrency deal with another EOG member, first you need to create a new Project by selecting the web page directory My Dashboard > Create New Project. A BUYING or SELLING Project is an open offer to the entire EOG market ecosystem; EOG members can accept your terms as they are, or negotiate with you changing at least one term of the deal. Your Project establishes the price, quantity, and terms and conditions to purchase or to sell cryptocurrency. Once your Project is created, select the web page directory My Dashboard > View Open Offers and find a corresponding cryptocurrency listing, opposite to your own Project. If your Project is BUYING Bitcoins, you will be looking at all SELLING Projects from other EOG members.

To send and receive offers and counteroffers directly to/from EOG members, simply open a listing from the main catalogue and click the button “Open New Negotiation.” On the next web page of the negotiations interface you have to select your counterparty and a corresponding Project. Once your counterparty is selected, hit the “Send Proposal” button in the menu attached to the bottom of your phone screen. You will be prompted by a modal window to select which Project Terms you would like to negotiate: the terms of your Project or the terms of the Project of another EOG member, which you have chosen from the OTC listing. We call this selecting your baseline negotiation terms, a starting point for your negotiations. Although price, settlement date, terms and conditions can all be negotiated, certain deal terms fundamental to the Project such as quantity and settlement currency do not change with negotiations. This is an important concept to keep in mind. A Project is an open proposal, representative of your economic desire to buy or to sell a specific quantity of cryptocurrency. While deal terms such as price, terms and conditions can be negotiated, respecting the integrity of the proposal, deal terms around crypto quantity and type of fiat currency (USD, CA, GBP, etc) are not open for negotiations. Although not open for negotiations, at any time you can update any terms of your Project including quantity and type of fiat currency by going into your Project and editing these values.

At the modal window, make your selection for baseline terms and click Proceed to Draft Proposal. You are now in the Negotiation Session, where you are drafting a new proposal of price, comments, terms, and conditions, for a set quantity of cryptocurrency. Click Send Proposal when complete. Once it has been sent, your proposal is posted in the Negotiation Interface and is visible to both negotiating parties. Your submitted proposal corresponds to a received offer with your counterparty.

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Private Projects is an incredible feature developed by EOG. When you designate your Project as Private, it is removed from the catalogue and is not visible to the EOG network. To negotiate with a Private Project, you need to know the Project ID, which is shared with you only by the owner of the Project. For example, John, a crypto investor, is selling 200 Bitcoins through EOG.

John designates his Project as a Private Project and reaches out to his network on social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) for potential buyers John already knows. In his communication, John provides the EOG Project number 207YT. By doing so, he is enabling prospective buyers to find his Project once logged in to the EOG negotiation software. Using the Private Projects function, John is controlling and limiting his audience for negotiating the sale of Bitcoins to known buyers in his network and their connections. EOG negotiation software is truly a new tool of the titans!

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Conceptually our mobile-first negotiation interface was designed using a familiar chat type SMS smartphone view, for quick decisions and efficient communications, making sending offers and counter offers a fun and engaging process. Menu functions of the Negotiation Session are:
Accept Terms. Use this function to enter into contract, by accepting offer terms of the other party.
Send Proposal. Use this function to send a new proposal to the other party.

Decline Offer, or Retract Proposal. Both Offers and Proposals can be declined and retracted (respectively) as long as a contract has not been created. Using this function will permanently close your offer or proposal and the entire negotiation session, at which point your will have to restart your negotiations. Instead of declining or retracting your offer/proposal, continue negotiating by sending a new proposal. In addition, all offers and proposals automatically expire after 6 days, closing the entire negotiation session.

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Your contract to buy or to sell cryptocurrency is at the heart of our EOG negotiation software. To enter into a contract, you need to have an open offer from another EOG member.

When an EOG member creates a new Project, whether Public or Private, it is considered an open offer to the entire EOG ecosystem. If terms of the offer are accepted as they are, without modifying price, terms or conditions, a contract is created. A contract is also formed with an offer received from another EOG member through our negotiations process. By negotiating with another EOG member, at least one term of the deal is modified, such as price, or terms and conditions. Every time a deal term is modified it is considered to be a new offer to the counterparty.

Accepting the terms of a received offer establishes an agreement, a contract between two parties.

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When a contract is created, offers and proposals resulting in over-commitment based on your Project “quantity” are automatically retracted (cancelled), when a contract is created. This means that if your entire project quantity is fulfilled, the EOG SMART-CORE automatically retracts offers and proposals linked to this project, to ensure only one contract is created.

If the created contract has not fulfilled your project quantity and there is remaining quantity, EOG SMART-CORE will only retract offers and proposals that will result in over-commitment based on your remaining quantity. Our EOG SMART-CORE leads and automates this entire process, managing your risk and completely mitigating any concerns of over-exposure to more than one contract.

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All negotiating parties are kept private throughout negotiations, recognizable only by their Project ID. When a contract is created, counterparties are then revealed to ensure accountability to each other in fulfilling their contract, kicking off due diligence, ensuring for mutual and transparent communications during settlement.

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Review history of your negotiations for offers and proposals that were declined or retracted. Using this feature correctly, if your offer was declined, you can look up the Project number of the party you were negotiating with, and restart your negotiations again with a clean slate.

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You will receive the following email notifications below.

  • Upon registration with EOG.

  • When EOG members create new Projects.

  • Contract Creation.

At any time let us know to add, change, modify, or remove you from email notifications.


Sign Up for a FREE account with no commitments! Using your smartphone, enter your name, email, and a password to access our EOG Sandbox OTC workspace in the next 30 seconds. Our sandbox workspace provides a safe and risk free environment to try out our software while the EOG compliance team completes your KYC (know your client) onboarding. EOG applications are MOBILE-FIRST, we do not optimize for tablet or desktop.

We support USD/CAD/GBP/EUR fiat currency, all cryptocurrencies, fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto off-exchange contracts, with NO MINIMUMS and NO UPPER LIMITS. Visit the EOG negotiation software web application directly at https://www.eogotc.app and create your FREE account.