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Our Fees


Our negotiation software and OTC platform for cryptocurrency is absolutely FREE, no fees, and no hidden fees.

EOG Negotiation Software, our website and OTC platform are absolutely FREE to use. No transaction fees and no hidden fees. Since we are not a central broker like a cryptocurrency exchange, we do not manipulate listings (or order books) to self profit on the buy and sell spread. We want YOU to make money and profit on the buy and sell spread for cryptocurrencies through the EOG platform.


Although EOG platform is free to use, we do charge a fee for professional services provided to facilitate due diligence.

Although our platform is FREE to use, EOG charges a flat fee to facilitate due diligence and provide professional accounting services, five hundred ($500) CAD per each party in a contract created through the EOG platform, based on four (4) hours of chargeable time. Time spent on each due diligence engagement in excess of 4 hours, is over and above our flat fee of $500 CAD, and is charged to the contracting party at $125 CAD per each additional hour. Our flat fee of $500 CAD to facilitate due diligence is paid to EOG in any event, including assignment of contract, or parties requesting to use their own due diligence provider.

Contracts created through the EOG Sandbox OTC workspace are not legally binding and are not charged an EOG professional fee. Try our sandbox negotiations environment today!


Sign Up for a FREE account with no commitments! Using your smartphone, enter your name, email, and a password to access our EOG Sandbox OTC workspace in the next 30 seconds. Our sandbox workspace provides a safe and risk free environment to try out our software while the EOG compliance team completes your KYC (know your client) onboarding. EOG applications are MOBILE-FIRST, we do not optimize for tablet or desktop.

We support USD/CAD/GBP/EUR fiat currency, all cryptocurrencies, fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto off-exchange contracts, with NO MINIMUMS and NO UPPER LIMITS. Visit the EOG negotiation software web application directly at https://www.eogotc.app and create your FREE account.